Security services

We provide a wide array of services, all of which are customizable to your needs

Personal Protection

By providing an unmatched level of security and trust to our clients, they are able to focus their skills and attention to their craft worry free, as well as navigate complex schedules with ease.

Customer Service

This is the largest unspoken aspect of security and EP. Our job isn't solely to preserve and protect, but also to maintain open communication with the client, provide a sense of safety and comfortability throughout each shift.


Rigorous Screening Process

We ensure all our in-coming security specialists are thoroughly vetted, experienced, vigilant, disciplined, integrous, and committed to inspiring confidence and a sense of security for our clients.

Commitment to Training

Each of our security specialists are extensively trained before being allowed to set foot on a contract. Their training is ongoing throughout the year to ensure they stay up to date on law and policy changes, as well as to maintain their weapons proficiency.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to providing protection services that allow flexability for our clients without getting in the way of their life-style and professional life. 

What You Get

Peace of mind to focus on your life and work. We don’t just respond to Security Incidents, we prevent them from happening.